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Today i speak to Eik jageman of Archaeologie in 3D twitter handle and blog. We discuss  the hows and whys of taking 3D scanning of archaeological sites and structures, how to get that information out there and the big issues with dealing with reconstructing the past.

We also talk about archaeology in Germany past and present, as well as making terrible generalisations!



Eik’s Twitter



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Hello and welcome to a special episode of the Anarchaeologist podcast, today’s show stars James Dilly, Kim Bidduph and Paul Carmichael. We are talking about Time team!

We talk about what time team is and our fond memories of it, James reveals his special connections to Time Team, and we look at the future of what an archaeological show can be like.


Paul gives us an insight into the world of broadcasting and what hurdles future shows may face; so if you are interested this episode is for you!



We also talk about the Time Team Campaign on run by time team fans,


“Mick Aston sadly passed away on 24th June 2013, He featured in 19 out of 20 Series of the popular programme Time Team.

We think it would be really nice and fitting to pay #Respect to the late Mick Aston via doing a Special ‘One-Off’ DIG in memory of him at a location Mick would have loved!

We know More4 are to air old episodes of Time Team in tribute of Mick on July 13th 2013, But us Time Team Fans would like to see a Special ‘One Last Dig’ for Mick.

Thank You,

Lee Brady”





James Dilley

Kim Buddulph 

Paul Carmichael



Time Team Campaign 

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podcastlogoHello and welcome to a slighlty delayed podcast episode, I haven’t been feeling the best so I’ve been slow to edit. However this one is a good one. Today I speak with (sometimes at) Kim Biddulph of School’s Prehistory, dedicated to providing great resources for educators about the past. In this episode we not only cover the history of Schools Prehistory but we take a look at archaeology, archaeologists, presenting history and I make a flailing defense of theory.


I apologise for some audio quality, I messed up my settings and I tried to edit as possible, I also apologise to Kim for talking a lot.


Check out the website : Schools Prehistory

and find them on Twitter @SchPrehistory


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Merry Christmas Everyone! So today is a very special episode – I took a very traditional Christmas poem and have put my own twist on it. I hope you enjoy and share it with your friends and colleagues.

I also look back across my episodes and why I have even made this podcast. I also look forwards to new year and what shows I want to get made.



You can always send me an email or tweet me!


I am looking for guests for Archaeological Cross Section!


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In todays episode I speak to the wonderful Gabe Moshenska as he describes his latest project, the Archaeologists who built London. This is no ordinary project, this is an oral history of the archaeologists who dug in London after the bombing of the second world war and uncovered the rich history of the capital city. You will find a link below to the project page which is being crowdsourced via Micropasts and the video for the project features Gabe’s very own artistic talent. We also manage to talk about archaeology in the public sphere, (unfortunately Mr. Moshenska has a soft spot for Indiana Jones) and why we should have more women in archaeological media.





The Project Page on Micropasts

Also available on the Archaeology Podcast Network

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Hello everyone – I am back with an epsiode on Archaeology and Videogames! Today I speak to Tara coppelstone who is currently doing her PhD at the University of York on this very topic.

We get into the interesting world of representing the ancient world properly in the vitrual medium and she give some examples of the games she’s created.
If you want to check out more of her work, head on over to her blog or website.



The Anarchaeologist Podcast is part of the Archaeology Podcast Network – launching on the 1st December!

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I often am subject to a squinting of eyes or contorted face of bemusement when asked about my degree. Yes I studied archaeology, yes I studied chemistry. No they aren’t the opposite of each other. In fact archaeology and chemistry dovetail exceptionally well; people often forget that while archaeologists spend weeks and months on a dig site, there is also post excavation work to be done and part of that work can be chemical testing. Archaeologists in lab coats may conjure to mind ancient CSI but the work of the chemical archaeologist is a major component of field testing.

Soil profiles may make some people yawn but range and depth of knowledge gained from their analysis is of great importance, especially concerning the factors that affect preservation of materials; a well documented soil profile with properties such as pH and reduction potential (Eh) can inform us of which cultural and material remains we may expect to find at the site, as well as the conditions at the time of deposition. DNA analysis comes under chemical analysis, as do new forms of lipid analysis and other biomolecular analysis.


Talking about soils and strata,  I don’t think anyone would question a Geology and Archaeology degree but would they question a combination of what they see as a “Hard science” and archaeology?

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Todays episode is a conversation with Proffessor Cornelius Holtorf including, but not resticted to the topic “archaeology as brand”. Prof. Holtorf released this book back in 2007 through Left Coast Press; in it he talks about the nature of the interactions that the public have with archaeology, much to the disdain of archaeologists. In this episode we meet this ‘conflict’ head on and even I change my mind about a few things. If you want out why, listen in.




Academic Page

Personal Website Page




The Archaeology Podcast Network is launching in December 2014 – watch this space!

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Today’s episode is a little different to others; I speak to Brent Huffman, a filmmaker with a passion for a site in Afghanistan Mes Aynak is under threat from a Chinese mining company who wish to perform open cast mining on the site to acquire the copper ore underneath. In this episode, Brent describes his motivation for travelling in a very dangerous part of Afghanistan and what he saw on site; I ask him about how his opinion of archaeology has changed over the course of filming and he describes his frustration with the politics of the site preventing meaningful salvage of the history. Some of the things talked about are very difficult to hear and I want to put a slight disclaimer for listeners to be aware of some of the occupational dangers of working in this part of the world.

Music : Smokin Diamonds