Soup and Sandwich Meal Deal : Episode 2 – Games, Egypt and Society

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 1   Hello Everyone or alternatively helo pawb if you are Welsh!   Once again I am joined by Mr. Soup from ArchaeoSoup Productions bringing a somewhat respectable air to the chaotic show! We talk topical stories in archaeology, Nefertiti’s Tomb and why that ties into press releases and sensationalism in the media…. Read more »

Episode 23: EAA Glasgow, Social Media and Ask an Archaeologist

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 4Hello Everyone – so I lost episode 22 – oops, sorry.   Instead I am producing an episode here and now and with many more detintely in the pipeline. Today’s episode talks about my new job, EAA Glasgow 2015 conference and what I have coming up for you in the next… Read more »

Episode 21 : Tim Hunt, Biblical Vases and the Importance of Archaeology

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 5Hello Everyone, sorry for the late release of this episode, I want to justify it with complaining about my life but I digress here is an episode of me rambling for an age. I would be in error if I didn’t mention Tim Hunt and his recent comments (old news now)… Read more »

Episode 20.5 : Announcements And Updates

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 2Hello everyone, this is a quick update abotu what’s happening over the next number of months with the Anarchaeologist podcast. I am having to spread myself quite thin and I really don’t want to keep apologising for not releasing. I am thinking of changing to the format in the meantime to… Read more »

Episode 20: Gabe and Tristan Battle For the Truth

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 1    Hello and welcome back to a crowning example of what really happens when archaeologists talk at length. Gabe Moshenska makes a return to the show, bringing us up to date on his Oral Histories project but soon enough a wider conversation on the presentation of the Second World War… Read more »

Episode 19: Zenobie Wan Has Taught me Well

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 1Todays episode transcends the atlantic ocean to bring the wonderful Zenobie Garrett, Archaeologist living in New York but originally from Illinoise. We talk Mediveal archaeology and how it isn’t what you normally expect and how public archaeology is the most important thing we can engage in. I comment on the culture… Read more »

Episode 18 : Archaeodeath : Discussing the Pestiferous

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 9   Today we go into the depths of death; to the bottom of the pit to discover the man behind the blog Archaeodeath. Today’s guest is Proffessor Howard Williams of the University of Chester, England. Here we discuss the meaning of death in archaeology and the role of Mortuary Archaeology as… Read more »

Soup and Sandwich Meal Deal

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 5 Today’s special episode of the Anarchaeologist podcast is a lively news commentary on the latest archaeological news hitting the headlines. I am joined by Mr. Soup of Archaeosoup Productions to dissect and examine stories on cannibals, cognition and champagne. we go head to head in the worst archaeology jokes we… Read more »

The Anarchaeologist Speaks : Cannibalism, Picts and Online resources

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 3Hello everyone, apologies for last week’s no show – this week I’ll bring an extra  special The Anarchaeologist Speaks – which it seems is becoming a more regular feature, especially for those who like me talking for around 15 minutes Archaeotech Live Stories: Cannibalism in Gough’s Cave – Pictish Fort in… Read more »

Episode 17 The Anarchaeologist Speaks

Posted by & filed under . file | Size: 4HARK! The trowels no longer shuffle in the dirt and the test pits have been dug. This week’s episode settles down with Tristan aka The Anarchaeologist, as he goes on a tirade about news stories almost a month old. Fear not, dear listener, despite lacking topicality, Tristan assures me that his… Read more »