Episode 19: Zenobie Wan Has Taught me Well

podcastlogoTodays episode transcends the atlantic ocean to bring the wonderful Zenobie Garrett, Archaeologist living in New York but originally from Illinoise. We talk Mediveal archaeology and how it isn’t what you normally expect and how public archaeology is the most important thing we can engage in. I comment on the culture of archaeologists and Zenobie drops a few puns. We talk about what archaeology is and why we were both drawn to it.
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Episode 18 : Archaeodeath : Discussing the Pestiferous

archaeodeathcover copy


Today we go into the depths of death; to the bottom of the pit to discover the man behind the blog Archaeodeath. Today’s guest is Proffessor Howard Williams of the University of Chester, England. Here we discuss the meaning of death in archaeology and the role of Mortuary Archaeology as a specialisation. Despite this morbid topic, we have a wonderful chat about comedy, humour and not being super serious all the time (in fact sometimes it pays to be funny). Professor Williams explains the story behind his recent blog post on studying cemeteries.

We also talk about who can speak out and what it means to be offensive  as a Professor in a University or as a young career archaeologist.

I discuss how metal and archaeology can come together and what the best rap battle between archaeologists could be.

If you want to check out Professor Williams’ Blog you can find it here, and if you want to follow him on Twitter click here


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Soup and Sandwich Meal Deal


Today’s special episode of the Anarchaeologist podcast is a lively news commentary on the latest archaeological news hitting the headlines. I am joined by Mr. Soup of Archaeosoup Productions to dissect and examine stories on cannibals, cognition and champagne. we go head to head in the worst archaeology jokes we can think of.


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Mr Soup
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The Anarchaeologist Speaks : Cannibalism, Picts and Online resources

Hello everyone, apologies for last week’s no show – this week I’ll bring an extra  special The Anarchaeologist Speaks – which it seems is becoming a more regular feature, especially for those who like me talking for around 15 minutes

Archaeotech Live

Cannibalism in Gough’s Cave – http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/human-origins/humans-in-britain/goughs-cave-cannibalism/index.html

Pictish Fort in North East Scotland – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-32325310

Roman Burial Online resource – http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/archives/view/romangl/


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Episode 17 The Anarchaeologist Speaks

podcastlogoHARK! The trowels no longer shuffle in the dirt and the test pits have been dug. This week’s episode settles down with Tristan aka The Anarchaeologist, as he goes on a tirade about news stories almost a month old. Fear not, dear listener, despite lacking topicality, Tristan assures me that his tone is witty, relentless and slightly over the top.


If you had ideas about ISIS or The Temple of the Monkey, prepare to be amazed at even more questions and pondering as well as some food for thought.


The Anarchaeologist will return to normal programming with the next episode, in the meantime I leave you in the capable hands and warm tones of Tristan Boyle


Episode 16 : Electric Archaeology


Today’s episode we enter the electric zone of archaeology with our guide Shawn Graham. Talking about his blog and how it has led through his identity as an academic starting off and how it got him the job he has now because of it.

We talk about Public archaeology and what it means and how we can deal with it.


And interestingly, how do archaeologists interact with each other?


Best summed up “There’s no point in doing work for the audience of one”




The Death of the Archaeologist


The Death of the  Archaeologist


The Archaeologist has to die and we have to be the ones to kill him.

Imagine the scene, the windows of the round room are draped in dark velvet curtains, and a porcelain white altar stands proudly in the middle of the room. Several hooded figures slowly raise an ageing body on top of the altar, adjusting hands to hold roman coins in the palms. Ceremonial curved daggers glint in faint candle light as the last conspirator sharpens their blade. There is just enough silence to put anyone on edge, the faint rustle of cloak and soft inhalations were the only sounds to betray their owners’ presence. The knife falls and the deed is done. The new dawn will shine through the window and with faces pressed against the glass, all will finally take control themselves. The body is of The Archaeologist. 


Episode 15: Shamanism in the UK


Sporting a headdress of red deer bones and antlers, Masters student of Archaelogy James Dilley brings a flavour of Shamanism to the Anarchaeologist Podcast. We discuss the reality of Shaman practises in the UK (which I can’t pronounce properly the entire episode), and what life was like for bronze age wizards. We also discuss modern pagan groups and what inspired James to enter the Spirit World, and talks us through many important finds of Shamanistic burial sites, which ultimately influenced his Shaman kit.

I ask whether it fits my Neanderthal frame.


We discuss modern pagan groups and James’ own attraction to Shamanism and what inspired him to enter the world of the spirits.


Check out his website Ancient Craft UK and his Twitter handle @ancientcraftuk


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Update #1 – Anarchaeologist

Hello Everyone, there are a number of chanfes going on over the next couple of months here at the Anarchaeologist Podcast. This is so as to bring you, the listener, a better experience overall. I will be shifting all the shows over to the Archaeology Podcast Network  and then link to the show episodes available there from here. This website will turn into a complete blog, when I actually finish writing things.  There will be a transistional period of around a few weeks where shows will be appear on both websites as they do now.

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Episode 14: Experimental Vs. Experiential Archaeology



Today I sit down with the “Saturday Night Shaman” and owner of Ancient Crafts UK to shed light on the great debate of experimental Vs. experiential archaeology.

We talk through what goes into making stone axes and I quickly discover how much James likes knapping.

James recalls his time on history tv shows such as Time Team and others and explains that link to experiential archaeology.

Ancient Craft UK website

James’ Twitter

Anarchaeologist Twitter