Episode 12 : Time Team Special!

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Hello and welcome to a special episode of the Anarchaeologist podcast, today’s show stars James Dilly, Kim Bidduph and Paul Carmichael. We are talking about Time team!

We talk about what time team is and our fond memories of it, James reveals his special connections to Time Team, and we look at the future of what an archaeological show can be like.


Paul gives us an insight into the world of broadcasting and what hurdles future shows may face; so if you are interested this episode is for you!



We also talk about the Time Team Campaign on Change.org run by time team fans,


“Mick Aston sadly passed away on 24th June 2013, He featured in 19 out of 20 Series of the popular programme Time Team.

We think it would be really nice and fitting to pay #Respect to the late Mick Aston via doing a Special ‘One-Off’ DIG in memory of him at a location Mick would have loved!

We know More4 are to air old episodes of Time Team in tribute of Mick on July 13th 2013, But us Time Team Fans would like to see a Special ‘One Last Dig’ for Mick.

Thank You,

Lee Brady”





James Dilley

Kim Buddulph 

Paul Carmichael



Time Team Campaign 

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I have or try to watch as many time team episodes as possiable, and with Mick aston passing away, it has made me think the rest of the time team are not all spring chickens ( sorry, Im an old hen me self) Mick shown to the Nation Time Team works with the right crew, what has happend here is Time Team is gone, and Mick would be upset at this big change, Time Team worked because of Mick, Phill, John oh do you want me to name all? well here is but a few http://www.tv.com/shows/time-team/cast/. BRING TIME TEAM BACK AS IT WAS WORKING

Thank you Tristan, James, Kim and Paul for your support.
Wonderful show!…most fans do mention the stripy-jumpers but I did have a laugh (and I do also agree) when Kim said it was the hair…it was special the way that Mick could present archeology to the everyday fans in a exciting way by using “words of one syllable” (Quote from Phil Harding) It did come as a shock to many of his fans from all over the world and they tell us everyday…we are here for them…Lee Brady is the most dedicated and hard working person that I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I thank you for helping us all.


Lee I know your doing great work which I fully support but after all this time don’t you think we could have an update as we know More4 showed this tribute on July 13th 2013 as that has passed and as I said more updates please.

Lee I must congratulate you on what you have achieved so far.


This podcast was interesting and I hope I can discover how to listen to more. I, too, signed the petition requesting a tribute show for Mick Aston. I have watched as many episodes as I can find on YouTube here in the U.S. and wish that BBC America would broadcast them.

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