365 Days of Archaeology – ArchPodNet

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Hello Friends and enemies,     we are almost at the close of our year and it has certainly been quite a year at that – I have been working for the Archaeology Podcast Network on new projects as well as having some of my first work now published as a digital review – which… Read more »

The Anarchaeologist Is not Dead Yet

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  I have been lazy or busy, you decide. I have recently thrown myself at a job outside of archaeology, a call centre in fact and my day to day work consists of customer service in both English and German. Despite this straying from archaeology, I have tried to keep it close to my heart,… Read more »

EAA Glasgow 2015 Round Up

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    UPDATE : I managed to get both of the wonderful EAA Glasgow social teams’ names wrong – I apologise profusely. Thank you to everyone for your interest!   The return journey from Glasgow to Fife was a lonely, empty one; I tried to keep up on twitter but the hastag #EAAGla was all… Read more »


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Hello and welcome to a much needed blog post here on the Anarchaeologist. I know I know, I’ve been bad with updates and writing stuff and I apologise for anyone waiting on me to write or say something. I’ve been disappointing a lot of people recently and it’s time to rectify that. I have been… Read more »

The Death of the Archaeologist

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The Death of the  Archaeologist   The Archaeologist has to die and we have to be the ones to kill him. Imagine the scene, the windows of the round room are draped in dark velvet curtains, and a porcelain white altar stands proudly in the middle of the room. Several hooded figures slowly raise an ageing body… Read more »

Archaeology with chemistry – Are you Mad?

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I often am subject to a squinting of eyes or contorted face of bemusement when asked about my degree. Yes I studied archaeology, yes I studied chemistry. No they aren’t the opposite of each other. In fact archaeology and chemistry dovetail exceptionally well; people often forget that while archaeologists spend weeks and months on a… Read more »

Still Feeling Hungry: Diets And The Past Part 1

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  The way to the past is through their stomachs, or so the modern media would have you think. Recently the diet of Neanderthals made the news with the discovery of bird bones (rock doves) in analysis of Neanderthal poo, around 50,000 BP; this discovery has been hailed as new and exciting since it shows… Read more »

Editorial 2 : Excavating Online Media

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Where is my archaeology? A recent chat that I had with Mr. Soup  prompted me to uncover what other archaeologically minded channels there are on the Internet. A quick search of the word archaeology quickly soured the taste in the mouth; Secrets of Archaeology, Hidden Welsh Archaeology and Suppressed Archaeology were all that appeared to… Read more »

Editorial : Archaeology And Videogames Part 1

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Archaeological ideas are in videogames but not where we expect, its time to excavate the electronic forms of art.   Video games have already become one of the most used forms of media in the 21st century. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t know of videogames, and if you are a certain age,… Read more »